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Common Puppy Afflictions

Puppy heart murmur
Cavalier puppies are often diagnosed at their first vet check with a soft, grade I murmur.  These type of murmurs are benign and are the result of rapid growth of the puppy.   Whilst hearing that your new puppy has a puppy has a heart murmur can be scary, with no clinical signs of a heart condition your puppy has what is called a physiological murmur, puppy murmr or  an innocent heart murmur.  There is no association with a puppy murmur and the development of mitral valve disease, which is a serious health concern in the breed.  This type of murmur will be outgrown by 4-6 months of age.
VCA Hospitals - heart murmurs

Umbilical Hernias
Umbilical hernias are extremely common in cavaliers.  They are caused by the delayed or incomplete closure of the umbilical ring at birth.  Small hernias (less than 1/4" or 10mm) do not pose a health concern and often close spontaneously between 4-6 months.  Most vets will still recommend repairing such a hernia at the time of spay/ neuter, however this is ultimately a cosmetic repair, with no concern of internal organs slipping through the defect.  Large hernias (over 10mm) do require repair and can pose a health risk whilst still open.  A repair would be performed before a puppy left our home and once repaired, pose no further risk.  Puppies with large hernias are identified very quickly and would not be offered as an available puppy until after a repair and complete recovery.
VCA - Umbilical hernias