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Pedigree - Darcy
Karrimah I'm On Fire

AKC GCH Everjoy's Unfolding Dream

CH Kaceem Jonathan

CH Jovan Royal Rock N Roll

Can CH Salador Captain Scarlet

Pamedna Black Magic

Carver's Kaceem Flirt Ina Skirt
CH Sheryane Carever's Three Pete

Carver's True Colors

CH Liane's Pretty Rose

UK CH Ttitian Pupppeteer At Homerbrent

Holl. CH Homerbrent Lowena Quizzical

Ttitian Marionnette

Rheinvelt Rock Crystal

Rheinvelt Rock DJ Of Sumara

Malanis Black Starshell With Rhinevelt

AKC CH Tansy Hill Heaven A Great Thyme

AKC CH Tansy Hill Thyme Traveller

AKC CH Elvenhome Bayberry

Aust. CH Elvenhome Get Going

Aust. CH Elvenhome Cheriblosm

Tansy Hill Patty Paws AKC & Aust. CH Elvenhome Keep Going

AKC CH Gateslea Special Effex

Tansy Hill Alexandra

AKC CH Trefoil's Boston Pops

AKC CH Tansy Hill Music Man

AKC CH Trefoil's Chenille

Tansy Hill Amulet

AKC CH Elvenhome Bayberry

Tansy Hill Patty Paws